Steam Peppercorn

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Steam Peppercorn
Steam Peppercorn.png
Phenomenal cosmic spice. Itty bitty kernel. Crack to release steam.
Category: Ingredients
Type: Spice.png Spice
Price: 10
Purchased From: "Hello" Grocery
The Friendly Spendie
Da Gama
DogBee Grocery

Steam Peppercorn is a spice type ingredient which can be combined with other ingredients during cooking to apply a defense buff to prepared food. The higher the quality of the dish, the longer the duration of the applied buff will be.

It can be purchased from "Hello" Grocery in Chapter 1, The Friendly Spendie or Da Gama in Chapter 3, and DogBee Grocery in Chapter 7.

Cooking Station Description

“Steamy kernel of spice.”


This ingredient description is a reference to a line from in the 1992 animated film Aladdin.