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Spend thirty minutes cracking shells for one bite of meat.
Category: Ingredients
Type: Seafood.png Seafood
Price: 15
Purchased From: The King Krab

Crab is a seafood type ingredient which can be combined with other ingredients to cook meals at cooking stations.

It can be purchased from The King Krab in New Dam City during Chapter 3.

Cooking Station Description

“Pincered provisions.”

Ingredient Specific Recipes

It's specifically required in the following recipes, and other ingredients of the same type can't be substituted.

Icon Dish Name Cooking Description Base Effects Ingredients
Big Dam Crab Pot.png
Big Dam Crab Pot Not only use the good crab, but the heat is also very important to cook the perfect Big Dam Crab Pot.
Increases hearts +4
Restores energy +40%
Crab.png Crab
Crab Roe Tofu.png
Crab Roe Tofu Carefully extract roe from crab and cook with tofu.
Restores hearts +3
Increases hearts +4
Restores energy +20%
Crab.png Crab
Tofu.png Tofu
Egg.png Egg