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Spice is a special type of ingredient used in cooking. Unlike other ingredient types, it's doesn't determine what the recipe will make, but instead can be applied to any dish during cooking to enhance the dish with an extra buff.

Each spice corresponds to a different buff, and the effects will scale up for dishes of higher quality.


Below are all ingredients which are classified as Spices;

Icon Ingredient Name Description Price Type Locations
Steam Peppercorn.png
Steam Peppercorn Phenomenal cosmic spice. Itty bitty kernel. Crack to release steam. 10 Spice.png Spice
Lava Candy.png
Lava Candy Sweet, sweet, SWEET! Melt to create your own miniature volcano. 10 Spice.png Spice
Fire Mint.png
Fire Mint So hot, they're cool. Blow blue fire with these spicy leaves. 10 Spice.png Spice
Electric Chili Sauce.png
Electric Chili Sauce Surprisingly hectic! Feel the heat through your every pore. 10 Spice.png Spice