Sandrupe Pasta

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Sandrupe Pasta
Sandrupe Pasta.png
The hard-as-nails sandrupe becomes soft as soup after cooking. Pour it all over some noodles - yum!
Category: Food
Source: Cooking
Base Stats:
Increases hearts +4
Ingredients: Sandrupe.png Sandrupe (3)

Sandrupe Pasta is a cooked dish which can be made by combining three sandrupe at a cooking station.

Cooking Description

“Cooking a sandrupe requires skill and heat. LOTS of heat.”


Quality Effects Steam Peppercorn.png SP Lava Candy.png LC Fire Mint.png FM Electric Chili Sauce.png ECS
Sandrupe Pasta.png
Increases hearts +4
Increases defense 1:00
Increases attack 1:00
Reduces cost 1:00
Boosts attack speed 1:00
Sandrupe Pasta.png
1 Star Icon.png
Increases hearts +6
Increases defense 1:30
Increases attack 1:30
Reduces cost 1:30
Boosts attack speed 1:30
Sandrupe Pasta.png
2 Star Icon.png
Increases hearts +8
Increases defense 2:00
Increases attack 2:00
Reduces cost 2:00
Boosts attack speed 2:00
Sandrupe Pasta.png
3 Star Icon.png
Increases hearts +10
Increases defense 2:30
Increases attack 2:30
Reduces cost 2:30
Boosts attack speed 2:30