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Welcome to the world of Eastward!

Eastward is a beautifully detailed and charming pixel art adventure RPG. It is a single player dual-character adventure with puzzle-solving and dungeon elements. Players will need to control John & Sam as they make their way through the world and meet new friends along the way!

Starting a new game


The game opens on a scene of Sam playing a video game with her friends before she goes to find John. The game begins showing John in his home. The player can explore the bus a little and head outside to join Sam.

Sam lets John know that they need to go to the dig site. Eastward has a lot of NPC’s around that the player can stop and talk too while they explore. There a multiple ways to get to the dig site, but it is generally to the west of Potcrock Isle. Going up the stairs from John’s home . If the player goes to the dig site by passing by the bar, they will be interrupted by Chuck who tells them they’ve got to hurry and get to work before running off in the direction of of the digsite.

Once you arrive at the dig site, John and Sam meet the other diggers. A cutscene plays where Sam recites a rhyme that Yocar taught her. Chuck comes back in to say there’s an emergency and urgently needs John’s help.

Leaving Sam behind, John goes deeper into the dig site where he must clear out the slugs. There are combat challenges and puzzles to solve in the dig site. When first entering, Chuck has closed himself behind the door and lets John know he’ll need to clear out all of the slugs. Progressing through the dig site leads John to a generator, with a collection of slugs interrupting the current. Turning off the generator by the switch on the switch on the wall allows the player to go and clear the slugs from the wires. Once the slugs are cleared, turn the switch back on at the wall and then go down to the lower part of the room. Interacting with the disconnected wire on the ground opens the door where John can find a key.

With the key, John can now return to the room Chuck has shut himself into. In the room there is a door with a padlock on it. Unlocking the door grants the player access to bombs. With the bombs, John can now destroy the nest in the next room.

Going back towards the generator again, the player can connect the wires to gain access to the next area. There are explosives blocking the way so the player will need to use a bomb to gain entry to the next part of the dungeon. In the next part, John will have to tackle more slugs and destroy more nests. To the left, there is an electrified nest that can be bombed to be destroyed. Going to the right will lead to another nest, and a room where the player can meet Boguta for the first time. To the very far right of the dungeon there is a wall with a crack in it. Blowing the wall up with a bomb reveals the treasure chest behind.

Now the player can return to Chuck, who has found more nests in another room. As John goes to clear the nests, Yohn will lock him in. The player needs to go down the ladder and clear the three nests before the door can unlock again.