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Category: Currency

Salt is the primary currency in Eastward, used to purchase food, resources, and upgrades from merchants.

It can be found in treasure chests throughout the game, and can drop from enemies.

Salt Bug Farming

Salt bugs are an enemy type which flies away whenever the player gets to close or hits it. They can be held in place by Sam's energy bubble and each time it's stuck it will drop some Salt. Players can enter/exit maps to respawn salt bugs, effectively allowing them to farm salt as their energy recharges.

Salt Bug Achievement

There's an achievement specifically awarded from collecting Salt from Salt Bugs. It requires the player collect cumulatively 1,000 Salt from them.

Icon Name Description Missable Notes
Achievement Salty Stinking Rich.jpg Salty Stinking Rich Obtain 1,000 salt from off a Salt Bug. Missable Collect 1,000 Salt (cumulatively) from Salt Bugs. Use Sam's Energy Bubble ability to stun the bug, and each time it is stunned it drops some salt. Leaving an area and re-entering will respawn the bug, so it can be farmed by leaving/reentering an area.